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Hymns for Worship is (currently) a one-woman labor of love — subjective lens on what matters in worship when it comes to music. My goal is to help Seventh-Day Adventist church lay members appreciate serious sacred music, particularly hymns. I also aim to provide online resources to those struggling music coordinators who may not have enough time to attend music seminars but dream of making it better for their churches.


Creative ideas & inspiration

Practical ideas, helpful tools, & creative strategies to help you lead & teach with confidence.

Innovative ways to learn hymns

Well-researched hymn stories & piano accompaniments to help worshippers sing with understanding.

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A collection of (mostly free!) printables & digital resources to help you do your best work.

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I really like the way you gave the details of the study of your hymnal…I work on the musical hermeneutics of the specific texts and the students are always amazed by the richness of each number…Do continue your research in this field. The people of God respond to Him by singing…’with all our hearts’ and He is glorified, and we are edified!

Jeanne D.

Music Professor

Your website and your music are a real blessing! I’ve been using your Lyrics and your Hymn Information to create the slides for our worship services. I’ve also been listening to your music and following your YouTube channel. Your work is very impressive and a real blessing!

Paul G.

Church musician

I’ve been wishing that you would put out a list of hymns that would work for each Sabbath School.  Thank you so much.  As bulletin secretary, it usually falls on me to choose the hymns for the week.  This will greatly speed up my job each week.
I also appreciate your quote of the week.  I often use a quote as a filler when there isn’t a lot of announcements.  Thank you again!

Kimberly K.

Church Secretary

For many years I did exactly what you promote, I selected hymns based on the adult quarterly lessons for the particular Sabbath I was on as the song director. 
I know it was personally meaningful to me to enlarge my understanding of the SS lessons via the hymns I led since I am deeply interested in music of and for the church, hymns, and Hymnology, and I hope the congregants gain the same. Thanks so much!

Terry K.

Church ELDER

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