Lesson 14 – Galatians 6:14 “BOASTING IN THE CROSS”

Lesson Summary: True religion does not consist in outward behavior alone but in the condition of the heart. When the heart is surrendered to God, a person’s life will more and more reflect the character of Christ as he or she grows in faith. The heart must be subdued by Christ; when that happens, all else will follow.

SDAH 154: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Alt tune, SDAH 155)

Paul refers to “new creation” as the whole conversion process. The lesson enumerates this to be:

  1. The regenerating work of the Holy Spirit which leads to repentance and faith
  2. The daily process of mortification and vivification
  3. Continual growth in holiness
  4. Eventual conformity to the image of Christ

These are the results of being justified, an experience we should all covet.

SDAH 303: Beneath the Cross of Jesus

Tuesday’s lesson asked a question that each one of us should personally answer:

What has the Cross done to affect your relationship to the world? What difference has it made in your life? How differently do you live now than you did before giving yourself to the Lord, who died for you?

The cross of Christ should change everything for us. As a missionary, it certainly helped me to reevaluate how I viewed myself but also how I relate to the world. The world, with all its glittering, shining seductions is really in opposition to God’s will for me. And because I have died with Christ, the world should no longer have the enslaving power it once held over me.

I like how Elizabeth Clephane described her own experience when it comes to what the cross has done for her. She writes,

I take, O cross, thy shadow
for my abiding place;
I ask no other sunshine than
the sunshine of his face;
content to let the world go by,
to know no gain nor loss,
my sinful self my only shame,
my glory all the cross.

SDAH 362: Lift High the Cross

“The cross of Calvary challenges, and will finally vanquish every earthly and hellish power. In the cross all influence centers, and from it all influence goes forth. It is the great center of attraction; for on it Christ gave up His life for the human race. This sacrifice was offered for the purpose of restoring man to his original perfection. Yea, more, it was offered to give him an entire transformation of character, making him more than a conqueror.

“Those who in the strength of Christ overcome the great enemy of God and man, will occupy a position in the heavenly courts above angels who have never fallen.

Christ declares, ‘I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.’ If the cross does not find an influence in its favor, it creates an influence. Through generation succeeding generation, the truth for this time is revealed as present truth. Christ on the cross was the medium whereby mercy and truth met together, and righteousness and peace kissed each other. This is the means that is to move the world (MS 56, 1899).” — Ellen G. White Comments, The SDA Bible Commentary, vol. 6, p. 1113.

Sing more of the cross!

SDAH 237: In the Cross of Christ I Glory
SDAH 312: Near the Cross

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